Wednesday, 6 January 2010

and it's still snowing...

I love to watch the snow fall, there is something so magical about it isn't there?... then the novelty wears off when I realise we've ran out of milk or something and I've got to go out and fetch it. Anyway at least today I have the new designs at Embroidery Library to drool over ( I love this site; apart from the fantastic new designs every week, they have some great tutorials and a gallery which always gets my creative juices flowing. My laptop is having a new hard drive fitted as we speak so hopefully Lily (my embroidery machine) will be up and running again soon. Until then I have been browsing through Flickr for more ideas - there are soooo many fabulously talented people showcasing their creations on that site and I've discovered some really great blogs that way too.

Whilst my laptop has been out of action I have had the chance to get back into crochet. I hadn't done any in years and there is plenty of room for improvement but I was pretty chuffed with how this little crown hat turn out for my daughter. She really likes the gem stones on it. It's prompted me to have a go at a waistcoat for myself and I've just won a vintage tank top pattern on ebay so thats another project to add to the list.

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