Monday, 1 August 2011

Small New Blog Meet-Up

Fab blog Lily's Quilts is hosting a "Small New Blog Meet-Up" - a great chance to meet new online friends. Thanks for the opportunity Lynne. I love anything creative - especially to do with fabric. I'm a new quilter and love "blog land" for finding inspiration, ideas and information.

Small New Blog Meet-Up


Cajame said...

It's working! Isn't it a great idea?
It's hard to find blogs that interest you. The one's on my reading list so far have been found by accident, by clicking on Twitter links.

Lynne said...

Hi I'm Lynne. I have also joined up with NSBMU. Please come over and visit my blog.

Patti said...

Hi Charmaine!
I am also a fairly new quilter and blogger. It amazes me how we can all connect across the world with common interests- thanks to Lynne!
Your daughter is so beautiful!

Cindy Lou said...

Hi! Isn't this fun! I'm Cindy from Atlanta.

Sana Saroti said...

Hey Charmaine, i am Sana from Germany and I found your blog through Lily's. This is so much fun! Meeting all those people who have something in commom with you. Hope to hear from you ;-)

Betty said...

Hi Charmaine, lovely to see your blog as well!
I couldn't find your email address so hence this message.
Are you a teacher? (As you're working in education, but you could also be .... anything else in education)
Betty van Os

Mark Longman said...

Wow My wife is so talented! Love yah Mark xxx

jen said...

I'm so loving your blog name! Looking forward to see ing your creations!!!

quiltmania said...

Just popped in from Lily's. I love your husbands comment. Happy Quilting!