Thursday, 26 August 2010

button necklace

It's been a rainy dull day here so to keep Bethany & I busy I pulled out my button tin. She loves looking at all the colours and picking out her favourites. She asked me if we could make a necklace so I thought I'd give it a go. These are the buttons Beth picked out - interesting mix eh?

As I was making the necklace for a child, I decided to use shirring elastic threaded on a large needle. I've never made a
necklace before so I was kind of making it up as I went along. I stitched through each set of holes twice to make sure the buttons were secure. At the end I went through the first button again to finish the circle.

Bethany just had to have the big doggy button on the necklace so I put it in the centre. She was pretty pleased with it as you can see. I think I need one now (minus the dog) ...

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